In a career spanning over 20 years, jon holloway has established a reputation as one of the most important emerging names in contemporary photography.  Holloway knows a thing or two about the process of creating well executed and successful images. He believes in the power of the image to inspire thought and promote awareness of global issues pertaining to us all. His work is extremely dynamic and just about everyone finds something he or she can relate to. holloway is sincere and compassionate, loves the earth, can be very serious at times, but also, he is just a lighthearted creature and enjoys himself.

Located in the quaint little town of Greenwood, South Carolina, holloway likes to stretch his legs, travel a bit, and stir the pot every now and then.   jon holloway’s professional career has allowed him to travel the globe, creating photographic exhibits on South Carolina, India, South Africa, Cuba, Gates of the Arctic, 500 Years: Native America, Spirit, Solitude, and Nature’s Rhythm as a testament to his artistic vision.  His work has been nationally and internationally exhibited, and collected by private and corporate clients, museums, and galleries.  Some publications include South Carolina Beautiful Places, National Geographic; America 24/7; South Carolina 24/7; Daybreak 2000; Bronze, Silver, Gold; M.I.L.K; the Palmetto Portrait Project, as well as a variety of national ad campaigns. He also enjoys his position as Professor of Photography at Lander University. For him, it is imperative to share global issues with his fellow men and women and bring them to light locally as well as internationally. It is also equally important for him the celebrate this trip around the sun and enjoy it while he can.

“Throughout my career, I have experimented with capturing the splendor and beauty forged from building connections between the human spirit and our universe – a visual statement designed to communicate my belief that we, as soulful beings, are made to share ourselves with each other and with our universe. We are all part of a whole, and by sharing ourselves, we nurture and strengthen our light and those we influence.

Too often in our society, we neglect the importance of creating meaningful connections with the world around us. These images seek to represent our primal need to connect with the universe and the nourishment, strength, and faith produced from these actions that are true to our hearts. I honestly believe when we share our spark with the universe, however brief, we experience an overwhelming joy and appreciation for the beauty and majesty of life.”